• Carmen Castillo

    Carmen Castillo

  • Antonio Altamirano

    Antonio Altamirano

    Tech Entrepreneur

  • Samantha Quiñones

    Samantha Quiñones

    Queer, Jewish, Boricua, Mom, Public Speaker, Cyclist, Writer, Goofball, and Hacker. Former Principal Engineer @AOL, currently managing Payments Eng @Etsy

  • Bahrain Embassy

    Bahrain Embassy

    Embassy of the Kingdom of Bahrain

  • Leslie Sanchez

    Leslie Sanchez

    Media Entrepreneur. Frmr ED of White House Initiative on Hispanic Education. Author of “Los Republicanos” &“You’ve Come a Long Way, Maybe.” Fluent in Spanglish.

  • Jorge_Silva


    Hispanic Media Director for Hillary Clinton. Former Senior Advisor to Senate Democratic Leader Senator Reid. Proud Mexican-American. All thoughts are my own.

  • Eduardo Samaniego

    Eduardo Samaniego

    Public Speaker, Child/Student Advocate. Follow me on Twitter: @EddyComunica

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